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Lucky student stunned as she received N36,250,000 worth scholarship during Jay Z and Beyonce’s concert.

  • Mikayla Lowry, 17, attended Beyonce and Jay Z’s On the Run II concert not suspecting that her life was about to take a positive turn
  • She was awarded a N36,250,000 scholarship by the power couple during the concert
  • The overjoyed teenager could not contain her excitement after the announcement

Mikayla Lowry’s family was having financial difficulties, and the chance of her going to the university was very slim. However, all that changed after she attended Beyonce and Jay Z’s On the Run II concert. The young girl was to be the recipient of a scholarship worth over N36million courtesy of the power couple. The good news was announced by rapper, DJ Khaled, and Mikayla and her friends got to know she was the receiver of the award after the rapper took to describing her.

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Power couple, Beyonce and JayZ Photo

Khaled described the winner of the scholarship as a future marine biologist and keystone vice president among other things. The young girl could not contain her excitement and on camera, she said: “I’m shaking! Thank you so much.’”

Young Mikayla after it was announced that she was awarded a scholarship.

Beyonce and Jay Z hope to award up to N362.5 million worth of scholarships in 11 cities through the Shawn Carter Foundation and the BeyGOOD Initiative. Mikayla is also a member of the Boys & Girls club, a popular American club that hopes to help young children whose families have financial difficulties reach their full potential. The club also provides after school programmes for youngsters.

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Young Mikayla after it was announced that she was awarded a scholarship.

The teenage girl was very appreciative of her scholarship, seeing as there was no previous hope of her being able to fund her university education, and she is also going to be the first person from her family to have a university education.

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