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Pastor severely beaten for having sex with church member inside a bush


A pastor in Zimbabwe, has been caught, pants down, with a member of his assembly – Joseph Ponda, the pastor of AFM Church, Tynwald in Dzivarasekwa was attacked by passersby who caught the two near a hill in the bush, H-metro reports.

“I have seen the pastor with the woman, whom he was caught with several times in his vehicle. The woman is a single parent and also stays here in Dzivarasekwa. .

I never suspected that there was something going on between them until I saw the video. I had the opportunity to see him after the incident and he was in serious pain from the assault” a source told H-metro.

Contacted for comment, Ponda could not deny or confirm the allegations, however he said:

“I have a lot to say about what happened and I can not tell you over the phone. I will be free in two hours.”

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