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Guys, Have You Ever Disvirgined A Lady? (How Was The Experience Like?)



My experience in knacking girls with already open route will never make me be interested in doing virgins.

Once a girl open up to me about being a virgin, I’d rather keep such a girl as friend and if we must do anything, it always ends at foreplay.

This is because, I have heard many of my friends narrate their experiences with virgins and I don’t think I have the mind to pass through same.

There is this girl I just met, very beautiful and brilliant. We became friends and more than a friend. We fight, we settle, we touch, kiss and do some nasty things together asides sex.

One day, she called me up to tell me how uneasy it has been to be a virgin for 25 years and she felt it’s hightime to have a feel of real sexual relationship with a guy.

I couldn’t believe it when she opened her mouth to say “come and do it”. WTF!! 😳

I had to refuse and run out because of the stories of pains and blood I have heard about having sex with virgins.

To all matured minds on Naijaloaded, the question is 👇

How Is It Really Like Having Sex With A Virgin?

Feel free to share your experience



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