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Lady cries out, after her baby daddy beat her to stupor


A South-African-based Lady has cried out, revealed that she was beaten up by her baby daddy.. According to the Lady identified as Yola, she said she’s tried arresting him, but he’s no where to be found.

THough she didn’t reveal what led to their fight, but she’s all up on social media demanding for justice.

Her finger nails was also broken. Sharing photos on Twitter, she wrote: “Its not easy asking for help. But I have no choice. Please provide me with any advice on how to get the father of my child behind bars #justice. I’m afraid the police are not taking this matter seriously. SOS”

“This is the guy. His name is Kagiso Tsoari. The police are saying they looking for him if you see him anywhere. Call 011 8628006”

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